Wes Claiborne, Campus Minister

Wes has been the campus minister here at Murray since 2012. Wes has a passion to see God's Kingdom grow and be spread through college campuses, especially Murray State.  When Wes is not hard at work in his office at the RFC Ministry house you may find him chilling will his wife, Heather, eating in the T-Room for T-Room T-hursday or working to get swole at the Wellness Center. Wes attended Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN but will always call Murray home.  Don't hesitate to stop by the office to get to know Wes more, he would love to sit down and chat. 

Mark Rhodes, Ministry Intern

Mark is a senior here at Murray State.  His is majoring in Organizational Communication and minoring in Non-Profit Leadership Studies.  When Mark is not hard at work, in and around the RFC Ministry House, you may find him grubbing at the T-Room with some other students, at Dunkin’ Donuts hitting up happy hour for dollar drinks or getting lost in the wilderness known as Calloway County (It’s a real thing, trust and you will see). After graduation Mark plans on attending graduate school for Organizational Communication here at Murray State. Mark is a lover of Jesus and a lover of people; if you want to get to know him more just ask to go get coffee sometime and talk—two of his favorite activities. 

Julia Mazzuca, Media Intern

Julia is a junior at Murray State, but is originally from St. Louis. She is majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Marketing. When not surrounded by a laptop and books at the RFC Ministry House, you will find her hammocking in the arboretum or taking a lap around the loop. She loves going on adventures to see the beautiful creation that God has given her. Julia enjoys crafting, chatting, and eating chocolate chip cookies. If you want to know more about Julia, just ask her to go to Bread Co. sometime to grab some delicious green tea, she is always up for some something fun!