Our vision is to follow Jesus by loving God and loving people.

Imagine a vision as if it is way, a journey, or a road. We have tried to create a wide road so the people God allows us to love can join us from wherever they are coming from, regardless of their past. The good news of Jesus is that he meets us where we are but doesn't leave us where we were - we can join His Story by doing our thing his way.  

Our vision helps us live the way of Jesus by submitting to his Greatest Command, the Kingdom Ethic, the Jesus Creed - love God, love people.

Disciples Making Disciples. We value students walking in relationships of being discipled and discipling others. You've probably heard it said that everyone needs a Paul and everyone needs a Timothy. It's true. And, we do our best to follow Jesus by following others and leading others along the way. Disciples of Jesus should look like sheep from the front and shepherds from the back. 

Unity through Diversity. We believe it is possible to have unity through diversity. This sounds like a ridiculous idea, but it is really important for us. Our ministry is made up of students from vastly different places and backgrounds. In order for us to walk under the same vision we have to practice having unity through diversity - even if we disagree on some things. 

Function like a family. Each of us have a born by blood family. Many times, however, it in is our bought by blood family that we find our home. Our ministry seeks to live in community, do life together, and function like a family. This is vital for our goal of reaching Murray State's campus with the good news of Jesus.