THE STORY // MONDAY AT 7PM // rfc ministry house

  • On Monday Nights we gather for a time called The Story. We believe our story is God's Story. So, each week we focus on how our lives are being written into the Story of God as we pursue Jesus together. The Story is a great opportunity for you to meet other followers of Jesus and begin your journey as his disciple. Our desire is to gather together, grow into the image of Christ and go share the love Jesus on campus.

  • Life Groups also meet on Monday nights during The Story. Small groups help us to see how God's Spirit is active in each person's life, as we work to understand how God is speaking to us. Our desire is to create a community for your to belong so you can become like Jesus. We hope that you find a place to belong and to experience the life-giving nature of relationships in our Life Groups each week.


  • On Wednesday Nights we gather to practice the way of Jesus together, further exploring how to follow Jesus everyday. Every few weeks we introduce a new practice that equips us to be with Jesus, be like Jesus or be the mission of Jesus. Our desire is to shape our community and build a culture around living the way of Jesus on campus. Our community is our best apologetic for the presence and power of Christ in the world. Practicing the way of Jesus on campus helps us set this trajectory together.


  • God's Work in God's World (Fall 2016)
    • God is at work in God's world. Said another way, how do we hear from heaven while here on earth? We explored God's work through the Holy Spirit, Scripture, community, creation, serving (giving), healing, suffering, and dreams (visions).
  • The Turn (Winter 2017)
    • In order to partner with God's work in God's world, we have to make the turn from encountering God to engaging the world. Making the turn on our campus to bring God's kingdom to earth requires courage, faith, and grace.
  • He Is, We Are (Fall 2018)
    • As the people of God it is important to find our identity in the person and work of God, through Jesus, by the power of the Spirit. Our Relate series ran at the reality of living in light of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit - we are because He is. 
  • Hurts, Habits, and Hang-Ups (Spring 2017)
    • Through the season of Lent we explored what our students thought were the top five hurts, habits, and hang-ups on campus. These realities often keep us from partnering with God's work in God's world. Living in God's Story, however, provides healing and hope from our hurt, habits, and hang-ups.
  • Luke-Acts (Fall 2016)
    • On Wednesday nights, we explored threads through Luke-Acts that help us to be everyday disciples of Jesus. Threads like discipleship, prayer, the table, women, family, and the rich and poor.
  • Colossians (Spring 2018)
    • The Bible is an ancient library of stories, poems and letters. It tells one epic narrative that leads to Jesus. Colossians is one of these letters and paints a vivid picture of what it looks like to live in the Jesus story. We want our students to be living letters, gospel letters, and Colossians is a great place to start.